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You are on the go, your notes need to follow you everywhere.
Note Anytime is your universal answer to note taking on all mobile devices: Apple, Android and Windows.

More than a simple note taking app, MetaMoJi Note is also a PDF annotation tool, an interactive web browser, a stylish drawing and sketching app and more.

Take a note around Anything, Anywhere, with MetaMoJi Note!

New Features

  • Voice Feature
    Show Your Ideas and Hear Yourself
    Think with Voice Memo function.
  • Live & Zoom Presentation
    Enhanced Jump functions allow for you to
    assign visual points to easily navigate around
    complex compositions while you are presenting
  • Smart Cropping
    Smart cropping tool
    vastly extends photo editing
  • AutoShape
    Shapes tool provides editable shapes
    All shapes are editable so you can resize and rotate them, change the ratio, add colors or gradient ink, change the opacity or line thickness and more. Customize any shape and register it to your item library for reuse later.



With MetaMoJi Note

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Please check the price in the store


Only Available in the Windows Store

Available Pens

All pens:

Standard pen

Caligraphy pen


Fountain pen

Writing brush

Two basic pens

Standard pen

Caligraphy pen


The functions are the same as of the Windows app.


Color wheel
Jump & Laser pointer
Password protection
Enhanced textbox
Bullet point, Showcase,
and more...

The following features are available for iOS (ver. 3.0 or later):
Voice recording
Shape tool
Anytime Paid Option
-Shared Drive
-Costomizing Navigation Bar
-Unlimited Access to Contents
-MetaMoJi Cloud Auto Sync



Note Anytime Lite for Android
includes Jump and Color wheel.

The features are the same as of the Windows app

Handwriting Recognition


The mazec3 app is required for the Android app.


The mazec3 app is required for the Android app.

13 languages available are already included.

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  • There are quite a few note-taking apps for the iPad, but I have to say Note Anytime has features that are compelling. Notes can be as simple as writing on a legal pad, or more complex with images, hand-drawn illustrations, diagrams and documents that can be helpful in anything from project planning to creating an ad campaign.


    - Mel Martin / TUAW

  • Note Anytime for the iPad is a note taking application that combines high resolution handwriting with digital data mashups and interactive browsing.

    - Erica Marceau at Technology Tell

  • There has been a lot of electronic ink used to discuss the dozens of note taking applications for the iPad. But, there is a brand new note taking app that is worth the download. The App, called "Note Anytime" is available now in the Apple App store. Best of all it is FREE! It will probably not be free for much longer because the App is crazy good. Other blogs are talking about it too.

    - Bill Caraher at Examiner.com in Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Many features and functions were intuitive for a user familiar with apps such as Apple Notes and PowerPoint, once the user gets going and finds the menus. Tutorials are presented as short videos within the app.

    - Susan Walker at Examiner.com in Cincinnatti Ohio